What is a LED screen?

A LED screen consists of several cabinets.
The cabinet consists of several modules.
The module consists of LED diodes.
Light emitting diode (LED) or pixel is basic element of a LED screen.

Sta je led ekran

The most common cabinet dimensions are:
960x960mm, 640x640mm i 640x480mm
The size of the screen depends on the number of cabinets.


ELSAT“ has 22 full-time employees, including 7 engineers, who work in their own space and are engaged in the
design, production, assembly and installation of LED screens. In addition, “ELSAT” specializes in technical
protection, fire protection and telecommunications.

Employed engineers at “ELSAT”, hold personal licenses issued by the Serbian Chamber of Engineers:

3353 Responsible designer of telecommunications networks and systems

453 Responsible contractor for telecommunications networks and systems

According to the Law on Private Security and the Law on Fire Protection, “ELSAT” LLC and its employees have
the licenses issued by MIA required for operation.

ELSAT” DOO was founded in 1992. In the first years after its establishment, it dealt with antenna systems and technical protection systems /alarms and video security/. Following the requirements of the market and the development of new technologies, the development and production of antenna systems equipment began. Particularly significant was the production of the antenna amplifier ELSAT AP3 /produced over 50,000 pcs/ and the Roto antenna EY1000 /produced over 70,000 pcs/. With these products “ELSAT” participated in domestic and foreign fairs /Hanover, Skopje, Zenica and Podgorica/, at which it received significant awards. Since 2010, it has started marketing his own brand tenLogic, in the field of home automation – Smart home, which integrates home automation and logical television – logiTV. Energy saving, energy efficiency, comfort and convenience of life, through increased security, with entertainment and information, positions tenLogic as an integrative “invention” of this century. The brand has had remarkable success in the territory of the former Yugoslavia.
In 2012. “ELSAT” received award of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, on the occasion of 20 years of successful work, in 2016. the award of the Kraljevo Regional Chamber of Commerce for outstanding business results, as well as the award of Captain Misa Anastasijevic in 2017, as the best small business.

How to choose the LED screen you need?

When choosing an LED screen it must be determined whether it is for outdoor or indoor assembly. The size of the LED screen depends on the purpose. If you combine more cabinets an LED screen is formed. Cabinets are standard sizes so you can easily get the size of an LED screen. The aspect ratio of the LED screen should be consistent with the video material that should be displayed.


The LED screen is used to highlight company names, marketing advertising, sports scoreboards, cinema or
conference rooms, TV studios, concerts, totems for gas stations, remote controlled traffic signalisation… They
can be outdoor or indoor, also called LED displays or LED panels.


From 640 €/m²

How to manage and control
LED screens?

The LED screens are controlled via the controller, receiving and sending cards, which are placed in LED screen.

The controller can be operated via the internet from a remote location.

One or more LED screens can be controled from a remote locations.


Outdoor LED screens have fantastic long-distance image viewing capabilities.

They are used in the advertising industry for the sharp and vivid images they portray. The technology used to make the components of the LED screens themselves is anti-corrosive, waterproof and shockproof, and therefore can be used throughout the day in any weather. LED screens do not consume much power to function. They can be made in any size, according to the customer's request and according to the needs of the place of installation.



One of the most popular content display devices today is the indoor LED screen. It is a dynamic, real-time data viewer designed for indoor use. It is mainly used to display videos or pictures. Indoor LED screens have a less bright screen than an outdoor type of LED screen, therefore, it has less diode illumination. The indoor LED screens have resolutions that are ideal for closer viewing.



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